Lamination is a finish that gives a remarkable added value to the printing. This process, that can be done after the printing, consists in applying a protective film on the paper and gives greater resistance and better quality than varnishing can, at a slightly higher cost. At the moment we can make the following different laminations on our products:

  • Glossy lamination, that makes the printing brilliant enhancing the colors.

  • Matt lamination, that softens the colors and the reflected light improving readability and images.
  • Soft-touch lamination, that creates a particular tactile sensation.
  • Scratch-resistant lamination, with matt finish and scratch-resistant surface, that improves the technical features of the product and prevents damages during its processing stages and final use.
  • Lamination with films derived from natural and renewable sources such as cellulose and starch that, unlike those derived from oil, are 100% biodegradable.
  • Gold, silver or metallic colors lamination.

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