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We build boxes for any product. Our main aim is customer satisfaction, our product is appreciated for its high quality and fair price. Over 50 years of experience allows us to transfer competence on the poduct, transforming our knowledge into value for the benefit of the customer. The constant research and experimentation led us to know how to select and use best materials. Innovative solutions we propose to our customers often anticipate market trends , allowing it to the meeting of taste and expectations of their customers.

Box Factory Sector

DUEGI SCATOLIFICIO is an Italian enterprise working in the field of the manufacture of all types of boxes. The product catalogue is diversified as far as styles, measurements and component parts are concerned, and the boxes that the company produces are fit for various contexts. The uses you can make of the products , As you can see looking at our product catalogue, are numberless and of different types.

A long history

DUEGI SCATOLIFICIO includes, as one of its most important features, a great ability and expertise in this field. The official foundation of DUEGI SCATOLIFICIO dates back to 1969, but at the beginning of the century there were already some traces of the company. In 1922, indeed, Scatolificio Alessandro Bettin was founded, which was specialized in the creation of boxes conceived for seeds. Over time the company has grown larger and has developed, learning how to always understand which are the new needs of its customers and to offer varied and cutting edge products.

Luxury Packaging Boxes Manufacturers

If you are thinking of buying a luxury packaging box, the source you should check out should be the manufacturers. This especially applies if the recipient of your gift is an avid collector of luxury items and admires the work of certain manufacturers. A lot of these luxury aficionados create their entire collections from pieces created by the designers they like.

But even if the person to whom you would be giving the gift is not that knowledgeable about luxury packaging manufacturer, buying a piece made by a designer whose creations match the recipient's personal style may make the gift truly meaningful. It is an act that will truly touch the recipient. It is even possible that this gesture would make the recipient become a fan of the manufacturer, thus making your efforts at picking out a gift a lot less of a chore in the future.

There is a big advantage that buying luxury packaging boxes from an expert manufacturer give. One of such advantage is that you are sure that the packaging box you will buy is somewhat unique. Mass-produced packaging boxes are just that: mass-produced. With a manufacturer of these kinds of boxes, it is entirely possible to walk down the street and see someone or a business using the same type you’re using. This can be potentially embarrassing and somehow devalues the gift or item you want to package with it.

On the other hand, this would not happen if the piece is a creation of certain manufacturers. There are manufactures who only release a limited number of copies of their work to prevent their creations from being devalued. There are even some who create just one item from a specific design and then retire the design altogether.

You can even request a custom made luxury packaging box for you or your business. With it, you can package items to your customer and build a positive and lasting impression of your brand with them.

How should you go about buying a luxury packaging box from a manufacturer? This is a question that has been asked by a lot of small business owner and those that require packaging of their items before selling or sending them to their customers. Before buying, the first thing to do is research, there are lots of acclaimed luxury packaging box manufacturers out there, so do your own research, ask questions, check reviews and even ask for samples to test for quality before buying. You would need to make sure that it is something that you and your recipient will truly appreciate. Therefore, it may be necessary for you to do your homework before you even go and visit a luxury packaging box store.

Our strengths

Cardboard is one of the materials that the company most uses, but DUEGI SCATOLIFICIO can handle also other materials. In any case, the boxes that it offers emerge for refined packaging, the capacity they have to meet all needs, the very good price if compared to quality and the great attention paid to customers' needs.

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