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We build boxes for any product. Our main aim is customer satisfaction, our product is appreciated for its high quality and fair price. Over 40 years of experience allows us to transfer competence on the poduct, transforming our knowledge into value for the benefit of the customer. The constant research and experimentation led us to know how to select and use best materials. Innovative solutions we propose to our customers often anticipate market trends , allowing it to the meeting of taste and expectations of their customers.

Experts in the realization of boxes

Scatolificio 2G is a company with a long experience in the production of boxes made of cardboard and other materials. The box catalogue includes many variants from many different points of view: styles, measurements and constituents, this is why the articles that Scatolificio 2G makes are fit for many sectors. The uses you can make of the items by Scatolificio 2G, As you can see looking at our product catalogue, are almost endless and diversified.

A great experience in the sector

The company has a deep knowledge of and a great experience in as far as box manufacture is concerned. The official foundation of Scatolificio 2G dates back to 1969, but its history begins much earlier than that. 1922, indeed, is when the company called Scatolificio Alessandro Bettin was founded, which was specialized in the production of boxes to hold seeds. With the passing of time the company has grown larger and has begun making boxes for many other uses, trying to always understand which are the new needs of its customers and to provide varied and cutting edge solutions.

Large Cardboard Box

Large cardboard box is the real deal when it comes to moving or packaging of large and heavy items. Generally, cardboards are just a large number of paper sheets stacked on top of each other and glued. They are sometimes referred to as corrugated fiberboard. The manufacturing process includes three components - two liners (front and back) and the middle part which is the corrugated, wrinkled material called flutes. Hence the name, corrugated. The flutes tend to be the most important part of the box since the air in between them acts as a cushion to the pressure applied by its contents or outside. For the environmentally-concerned - recycled fiber constitutes seventy percent of the raw materials for the manufacturing process!

Large cardboard boxes can be very useful when moving, storing or optimizing space. Some of the extra heavy-duty ones can even have a real wooden base to fortify the structure. This is used for shipping of furniture, washing machine and other heavy equipments that requires reliable footing.

Large cardboard boxes are essential for a lot of purposes. They are very helpful in packing large items while moving to a new place. Moving from a location to another requires boxes of all shapes and sizes. For larger items like furniture it is necessary to have these. Many moving companies use these large boxes for transportation. If you are a moving company then buying heavy boxes will help you save a lot of money. One of the most interesting purposes of large cardboard boxes though, is the packaging of goods and products that, because of their size, require a large container that continues to accomplish the marketing functions of packaging such as presenting the product in a safe and attractive way.

Large cardboard boxes made from recycling material are much cheaper than the ones made from original material. So if you haven't been able to find these large boxes, then you can buy them. These boxes are sold in second-hand stores and buying ones that are made from recycled material is important to reduce the environmental pollution.

Large cardboard boxes have a huge demand.

Unlike their smaller counterparts, large cardboard boxes are not so easy to come by. A lot of stores would now mandatory recycle their cardboard and disallow boxes giveaway to customers.

What are we good at

Cardboard is one of the materials that the firm most uses, but Scatolificio 2G also works with other materials. Independently from materials, the boxes conceived by the company distinguish themselves for special design, personalization, the possibility to have a high-quality product at an affordable price and an excellent customer support.

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