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We build boxes for any product. Our main aim is customer satisfaction, our product is appreciated for its high quality and fair price. Over 40 years of experience allows us to transfer competence on the poduct, transforming our knowledge into value for the benefit of the customer. The constant research and experimentation led us to know how to select and use best materials. Innovative solutions we propose to our customers often anticipate market trends , allowing it to the meeting of taste and expectations of their customers.

Specialized in cardboard boxes

Scatolificio 2G is an Italian company with a long experience in the manufacture of boxes made of cardboard and other materials. The range of products is wide as far as shapes, measures and component parts are concerned, for this reason the products that this Italian enterprise makes are suitable for various sectors. The possible applications of the boxes made by the company, as our customers could tell you, are almost endless and diversified.

Scatolificio 2G from the beginning to nowadays

Scatolificio 2G includes, as one of its most important features, its proficiency and a great experience in as far as box manufacture is concerned. 1969 is the year when the company was founded, but its history begins much earlier than that. In 1922, indeed, Scatolificio Alessandro Bettin was founded, which worked especially in the sale of boxes conceived for seeds. With the passing of time Scatolificio 2G has grown and has begun working also in other field, continuing to meet different needs and to offer eclectic and innovative solutions.

Jewelry Presentation Boxes

Jewelry presentation boxes come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, but among the most unique and gorgeous ones are those made of customized cardboard. If your business is looking to deal in the sale of jewelry box then those that can be bought by customers to use as gifts for a female boss or colleague who has everything, or a sister, mom or aunt is elegant. A beautiful jewelry box made of smooth and elegant cardboard can be met with huge appreciation. The color, sparkle and shine make them one-of-a-kind gifts that discerning recipients will treasure. The expertly handcrafted boxes are wonderfully timeless, and signify good taste of the gift giver.

If your business chooses to sell jewelry presentation box made of cardboard, you may intrigue and also let your customer feel that you took the effort to give something unique and beneficial that their recipient will cherish. So if you sell jewelry in boxes made of any of these materials, you may be contributing in an extraordinary way to the buyer and the recipient of the gift.

People collecting tasteful objects for the home during special occasions like anniversaries or the Christmas holiday will love getting quality gifts like jewelry presentation boxes made of customized cardboard. They can look very nice owing to their beauty and charm. Imagine a deep green serpentine colored jewelry box with a hold lizard on top, as if guarding the stash of jewelry inside. Anyone who gets such a gift will be awed not just by the color but by the symbolism of the various elements that combine to create a very captivating natural pattern. Such jewelry box is an awesome gift to give and receive, more so if there's a gleaming jewelry piece like a natural stone necklace or bead bracelet inside.

What are we good at

Cardboard is one of the materials that this Italian society most uses, but Scatolificio 2G also works with other materials. In any case, the boxes that it offers are characterized by elegance, the capacity they have to meet all needs, the very good value for money and the great attention paid to customers' needs.

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