The production process is essential
to achieving high quality in the finished product.

The expertise of our technical department, the creativity of our employees and our experience enable us to satisfy a diverse range of needs in the “covered box” sector. Our STAFF directly handles every single detail of each stage.

With a focus on customer satisfaction, DUEGI SCATOLIFICIO can propose solutions based on your needs that give added value to your product.

At DUEGI SCATOLIFICIO, we are more than mere suppliers – we work closely with our customers to satisfy even the most exacting needs.

01. Initial meeting and briefing

We listen to your needs, gather information, discuss possibilities and work with you to find the best solution.

02. Proposal

We develop our best proposal, keeping in mind requirements relating to quality, time-frame and logistics.

03. Prototype

We quickly produce a prototype of the product so that you can see and touch the final result.

04. Series production of the box

We produce your order as quickly as possible, employing all the necessary skill to maintain high standards.

05. Palletization

We place the boxes on pallets or in packaging, wrapped in stretch film based on your request.

06. Storage and Shipment

We can manage logistics on our premises and distribution with our vehicles.