Since 1969, we have continued to
grow, improve and innovate.

Who we are

DUEGI SCATOLIFICIO produces boxes of any size, covered with the finest materials and featuring fine finishes and high-quality graphics.  Our products are the result of continuous innovation, the driving force behind objectives that are always attentive to the company’s changing needs. We are known in every market sector that uses boxes, offering our services as “box designers” capable of satisfying even the most challenging requests.  At DUEGI SCATOLIFICIO, boxes are more than mere packaging – they are a marketing tool.  We can accommodate any production run. Our philosophy is based on finding solutions that satisfy taste, desires, needs and value for money.

Whenever you see a successful business,
someone once made a courageous decision.
(Peter Ferdinand Drucker)

50 years of tradition and innovation

  Today’s DUEGI SCATOLIFICIO srl was founded in 1969 as Scatolificio 2G sas, collecting the professional heritage of Scatolificio Alessandro Bettin, founded in 1922. We bring in the genes almost a century of experience in the sector and we are strong of skills built and carried out in decades of commitment and development. At the beginning the company produced boxes to contain seeds for sale in nurseries in our area. The hand-stitched box with iron points contained enough soil to keep the first shoots of the plant. During the first half of the twentieth century, in the countries of the area that extends between Padua and Venice, better known as the Riviera del Brenta (in honor of the river that runs through it), there was a strong productive development focused in particular on the packaging of shoe. For many years, therefore, the countries in the areas concerned have devoted themselves entirely to the production of footwear and expanding into the leather goods markets. The production of the Scatolificio until almost the end of the last century was aimed for the largest in the world of footwear. From 1995 onwards, a process of product differentiation began, investing in what were at the time the latest generation machines and above all in qualified and motivated personnel. This has led DUEGI SCATOLIFICIO to expand and diversify the production of boxes, not focusing more on a single sector, but beginning to understand the importance of changes and developments within the company. A real period of experimentation begins, with the creation of boxes for jewelry, costume jewelry, eyewear, leather goods, shirts, gift boxes, and even boxes for liquor, wine and perfumes. A slow process that is still under development today. Over the last 15 years, within the company, a technical office has developed that allows us to get to the production of the product by following all the necessary steps without having to relocate to others. We can now count on more self-sufficiency, more cutting and printing plotters that allow us to produce samples as per production. In addition to this we added skills in the field of printing and prepress that were previously not imaginable within the Scatolificio. 2018 was the year in which we changed our company name; 2019, on the other hand, will be the year in which we will be running for 50 years under single management. An extraordinary goal that few companies can boast. Half a century is certainly not a walk and if we are here to celebrate this important arrival we owe it to the spirit that over the years has led us to differentiate and discover new ways for our products. Our intention is certainly not to stop here and today we continue to review and seek innovative solutions.